Five projects are the successful recipients of the Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program Phase II 2018 Type 1 Capacity Building funding round.

More Victorians than ever are surviving a diagnosis of cancer. The five-year survival rate for Victorians diagnosed with cancer has increased from 48 per cent in 1986 to 68 per cent in 2016 – a testament to the ongoing investment in cancer prevention, treatment and research and the dedicated work of support services.

Support for cancer survivors is emerging as a key need due to the increasing number of people living with cancer in the community. The capacity of hospital-based services to provide post-treatment care is being stretched, and new models of care are needed to provide support in primary and community-based services.

Since 2016 the Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program has funded 19 projects across Victoria to implement innovative models of care, including the delivery of programs that focus on issues such as diet and exercise, fatigue, sleep disorders and cognitive issues, transition of patients back to the care of their GPs and linking survivors to community services.

The Victorian Government’s 2017-18 budget has committed an additional $500,000 to support five more projects over 12 months. The 2018  funding round has supported projects that address the needs of people with brain tumours, advanced melanoma, those who are elderly and frail, as well as Victorians living in regional areas. Find out more about the 2018 Victorian Cancer Survivorship Grant recipients.

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