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Aboriginal children in aboriginal care program

Aboriginal Children in Aboriginal Care is a program for Aboriginal children and young people subject to a Children’s Court protection order.

Hearts and Homes: Public perceptions on homelessness summary report

Victoria is experiencing unprecedented levels of housing stress and homelessness. A problem this complex requires a whole of community response and a partnership approach. To engage members of the community in addressing this problem, we wanted to understand people’s existing attitudes towards Victorians experiencing homelessness.

Aboriginal Children's Forum

The forum aims to progress self-determination for Aboriginal people and address the over representation of Aboriginal children in out of home care by delivering on the priorities of the Koorie Kids: Growing Strong in their Culture.

Wungurilwil Gapgapduir Aboriginal Children and Families Agreement

A partnership between the Victorian Government, Victorian Aboriginal Communities and the Child and Family Services Sector.

Aboriginal employment strategy 2016 - 2021

The department aims to attract increasing numbers of Aboriginal employees into career pathways that are diverse, inclusive and include caring for Aboriginal people, families and communities.

Policy and funding guidelines for Health and Human Services

The policy and funding guidelines provides the department’s policy framework, objectives, budget, service deliverables, desired outcomes, reporting requirements, program guidelines and funding initiatives.

Victorian carer strategy 2018–2022

The Victorian carer strategy 2018–22 is the first whole of government strategy that recognises and supports the important role of Victorian carers.

Family violence referral protocol

Family violence referral protocol between the Department of Health and Human Services, Family Safety Victoria, Department of Justice and Regulation and Victoria Police 2018.

Regulatory impact statement - Director of Housing Determinations 2018

A Regulatory Impact Statement has been prepared for the proposed Determinations for applicants for social housing.

Better Regulatory Practice Framework

The department requires that organisations and practitioners providing services to the community are fit for purpose and meet standards of acceptable governance, safety and protection for Victorians.