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Responding to people who are sleeping rough in extreme weather policy

This policy aims to reduce the risks to life and health of people sleeping rough during extreme weather conditions in Victoria.

Privacy Policy

The Department of Health and Human Services has access to, and protects the personal and health information of clients and staff.

Review of the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct

Executive summary of the Review of the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct

Fraud and corruption control framework

The Department of Health and Human Services is committed to promoting a culture of trust, integrity and honesty in the services it provides to the Victorian community.

Language services policy and guidelines

The policy and guidelines support departmental staff and funded organisations in the planning and provision of language services.

State disability plan 2017 - 2020

Absolutely everyone is the state disability plan 2017–2020 for the whole of the Victorian Government.

Department of Health and Human Services annual report 2015-2016

The department's 2015-16 annual report details how the department met its objectives and highlights key achievements for the reporting period.

Targeting zero, the review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria

The report is a detailed and extensive analysis into how the Department of Health and Human Services oversees and supports quality and safety of care across the Victorian hospital system.

Downloads for the DHHS Policy and funding guidelines 2016

The department's funding guidelines set out the requirements that funded organsiations must comply with in addition to their contractual and statutory obligations, required in order to receive fu

Mental health annual report 2015-2016

This annual report describes how we are improving and expanding our services to address increasing need and strengthening connections with other parts of the health and human services system.