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Korin Korin Balit-Djak

The Korin Korin Balit-Djak plan details how the department will work with Aboriginal communities, community organisations, other government departments and mainstream service providers – now and into the future – to improve the health, wellbeing and safety of Aboriginal people in Victoria.

Public housing waiting and transfer list

The Public housing waiting and transfer list provides the most recent quarterly indicative waiting list statistics by area

Rental report

The rental report provides key statistics on the private rental market in Victoria.

Strong Culture Strong Peoples Strong Families - 10 year plan

This plan outlines our vision for the next 10 years, the objectives for us to reach and the specific actions we need to take. Creating a safer Victoria and promoting healing will take many years, particularly given the disadvantage experienced by Indigenous people and the effects of transgenerational abuse and trauma.

Child Safe Standards

All early childhood services are required to comply with child safe standards to ensure that work with children creates a culture of safety and protects children from all forms of abuse.

People strategy 2020

Our people strategy, People strategy 2020, outlines our 3-year approach to building a vibrant and successful health and human services workforce across Victoria.

Quarterly incident data

Child Protection and Family Services quarterly incident reporting data

Senior Practitioner report 2015-2016

The Senior Practitioner report 2015-2016 summarises the achievements and activities during the ninth year of monitoring and evaluating restrictive interventions in disability services in Victoria.

Services Connect evaluations

Services Connect was a small-scale trial of a model for integrated human services in Victoria. It was designed to connect people with support, address the whole range of a person's or family's needs and help people build their capabilities to improve their lives.

Responding to people who are sleeping rough in extreme weather policy

This policy aims to reduce the risks to life and health of people sleeping rough during extreme weather conditions in Victoria.