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Fraud and corruption control framework

This framework describes fraud and corruption and how it can impact on the Department of Health and Human Services' functions and service delivery. It also describes roles and responsibilities regarding the management of fraud and corruption within the department.

Language services policy and guidelines

The policy and guidelines support departmental staff and funded organisations in the planning and provision of language services.

Human Services Standards

The Human Services Standards (gazetted as Department of Health and Human Services Standards) represent a single set of service quality standards for department funded service providers and department-managed services.

State disability plan 2017 - 2020

Absolutely everyone is the state disability plan 2017–2020 for the whole of the Victorian Government. We are committing to a range of action for achieving greater inclusion, in partnership with the community.

Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI) Service provision framework

The Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative (MACNI) Service provision framework December 2016 provides practice guidance to ensure the consistent and high quality delivery of the MACNI services across Victoria.

Targeting zero, the review of hospital safety and quality assurance in Victoria

The report is a detailed and extensive analysis into how the Department of Health and Human Services oversees and supports quality and safety of care across the Victorian hospital system. The Victorian Government and the department accept in principle all the recommendations of the review, with work already underway to implement them.

Mental health annual report 2015-2016

This annual report describes how we are improving and expanding our services to address increasing need and strengthening connections with other parts of the health and human services system.

Department of Health and Human Services strategic plan

The department’s strategic plan is our roadmap for delivering on our priorities and commitments.

Fees, charges and penalties subject to automatic indexation

Declaration of fees and charges for services, regulatory purposes, licensing, registering certain activities and fines as set by the Victorian State Government.

Review of child protection privacy incidents and carer and client safety

An independent review of the way the Department of Health and Human Services’ handles private information, particularly in child protection was conducted by John Leatherland.