Please note: The Disability Services Employment Safety Screening Compliance Policy available on this page has been superseded.

Please refer to Section 4.6 (Safety Screening Policy for Funded Organisations) of the Service Agreement Information Kit rather than the policy on this page. The relevant content is now contained in Section 4.6. The policy on this page is still being retained for now as it contains the annual certificate of compliance.

The annual certificate is being replaced later this year with a statement of attestation. Further information will be circulated about this closer to the launch date.

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Disability Services Employment Safety Screening Compliance Policy

The Disability Services Employment Safety Screening Compliance Policy has been developed in partnership with representatives of Disability peak bodies. The policy has been devised to strengthen the existing arrangements and enhance the capacity of funded organisations to provide safe service delivery and supports to people with a disability through recruiting and retaining the best staff.

The policy has been developed in response to an identified gap in human resources management and to ensure compliance with new legislative requirements can be achieved.

All community services organisations holding a service agreement with the Department of Health & Human Services to provide disability services and supports will be required to declare compliance with the requirements of the policy using the declaration located at the back of the policy document.

In summary the new requirements are as follows:

  • Employee screening must include information collected from sources in addition to police checks, and in compliance with privacy legislation
  • Employee screening must be undertaken for all staff, not just those involved in direct care
  • Compliance with the policy must be declared on an annual basis, in the format provided by Disability Services.

Compliance will be recorded as part of Service Agreement Management System (SAMS) and the Monitoring Framework for the health, housing and community services sectors.

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