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Standards and guidelines

A listing of the department's standards and guidelines.

Aboriginal children in aboriginal care program

A program for Aboriginal children and young people subject to a Children’s Court protection order.

Child Safe Standards

All early childhood services are required to comply with child safe standards to ensure that work with children creates a culture of safety and protects children from all forms of abuse.

Neighbourhood Houses Co-ordination Program resources

The Neighbourhood House Coordination Program (NHCP) provides funding to Neighbourhood Houses, Neighbourhood House Networks and Neighbourhood Houses Victoria.

Senior Practitioner - Disability independent person toolkit

The toolkit, aims to provide plain English information and guidance around the independent person process.

Best interests case practice model - summary guide

This guide provides a foundation for working with children, including the unborn child, young people and families.

Physical restraint direction paper - Senior Practitioner

Physical restraint is the use of physical force to prevent, restrict or subdue movement of a person’s body or part of their body for the primary purpose of the behavioural control of a person with a d

Enabling choice for Aboriginal people living with disability

Enabling choice for Aboriginal people living with disability: Promoting access and inclusion outlines ten principles to assist departmental and community-based disability service providers to deliver

Authorised Program Officer practice advice

This guide provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of an Authorised Program Officer (APO) which must be considered by disability service providers when appointing an APO.

Women and Children Counselling and Support Programs

Guidelines to guide quality practice and continuous improvement to ensure women and children receive the best support possible to rebuild and recover from the impact of family violence.