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Standards and guidelines

A listing of the department's standards and guidelines.

Child Safe Standards

All early childhood services are required to comply with child safe standards to ensure that work with children creates a culture of safety and protects children from all forms of abuse.

Utility Relief Grant Scheme - Mains fact sheet

The grant provides help to pay a mains electricity, gas or water bill that is overdue due to a temporary financial crisis.

Program requirements for residential care services in Victoria

The program requirements are the essential prerequisites for providing a quality service for the children and young people in residential care throughout the state.

Municipal Rates Concession - application form

If you hold a Pensioner Concession Card or a Veterans' Affairs Gold Card given for Totally and Permanently Incapacitated (TPI) or War Widow you can use the application form at the bottom of the p

Flexible funding for existing permanent carers - Service provider guidelines

These guidelines are for the agency (service provider) administering flexible funding packages to existing permanent carers.

Support for home-based carers in Victoria

Home-based carers play a vital role in providing support to children and young people who cannot live with their families.

Targeted Care Packages

Targeted Care Packages enable the transition of eligible children and young people from residential care to more appropriate care arrangements where their care needs will be better met.

Staff, volunteer and carer file audit tool and client file audit tool

To assist the review of staff, volunteer and carer files and client files, the department has developed file audit tools for mandatory use by independent review bodies.

Non-Mains Energy Concession - application form

The Non-Mains Energy Concession assists eligible cardholders who are not connected to mains gas and/or electricity with the cost of other energy sources for domestic heating, cooking and hot water.

Neighbourhood Houses Co-ordination Program resources

The Neighbourhood House Coordination Program (NHCP) provides funding to Neighbourhood Houses, Neighbourhood House Networks and Neighbourhood Houses Victoria.