$10 million in new funding to upgrade rooming houses across Melbourne.
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Rooming houses offer accommodation for many low income and disadvantaged Victorians, particularly for those who have experienced homelessness or who cannot sustain a tenancy in the private rental market. Tenants of rooming houses should be afforded secure and safe accommodation that meets acceptable standards. New investment is required to improve the safety and condition of existing rooming houses.

How it will work

An additional $10 million will fund the renovation of community housing owned rooming houses through an invited submission process.

An invited submission process will be designed to ensure that:

  • All Registered Housing Agencies operating rooming houses have an opportunity to apply for the upgrade program.
  • Funding is allocated through an competitively to provide the best return on government investment

How long it will last

The rooming house upgrades will commence in the 2017-18 financial year.

How many properties will it upgrade

The number of community housing owned rooming houses to be upgraded will be determined after the invited submission process and an assessment of value for money from the investment.

Where are the properties?

The community housing properties will be identified following the an invited submission process.

What will happen to tenants?

Current tenants will be relocated during the construction.

Prospective partnerships

The invited submission process for the Community Sector Owned Rooming House Upgrade has now closed. All enquiries regarding the Community Sector Owned Rooming House Upgrade should be directed to HAAS@dhhs.vic.gov.au.

Invited submission information