Introducing the senior officers who provider leadership and strategic direction for the health sector and the broader community.

Chief Health Officer

Professor Charles Guest is Victoria's Chief Health Officer and acts as the government's primary media spokesperson on matters relating to the control of disease and promotion of health such as communicable diseases, environmental contamination, radiation, food safety, ethics and public health emergencies.

Chief Medical Officer

The Victorian Chief Medical Officer is Associate Professor Andrew Wilson. He ensures that Victorian hospitals and the Department of Health and Human Services have the right systems, governance and processes in place to support doctors and nurses to deliver high quality, safe care.

Chief Psychiatrist

Victoria's Chief Psychiatrist is Dr Neil Coventry. He provides clinical leadership and promotes continuous improvement in the quality and safety of mental health services and promotes the rights of people receiving mental health treatment in public mental health services

Chief Mental Health Nurse

Anna Love is Victoria's Chief Mental Health Nurse. She provides leadership in the mental health nursing sector, and promotes collaboration between the Department of Health and Human Services and mental health nurses.

Chief Advisor on Cancer

Professor Robert Thomas is our Chief Advisor on Cancer and is responsible for the translational research agenda and funding for cancer research in Victoria.

Chief Paramedic Officer

The Chief Paramedic Officer is Alan Eade. He provides strategic clinical leadership and oversees the development of collaborative initiatives to support the delivery of safe, effective and high quality integrated paramedic care.

Chief Preventative Health Officer

The Chief Preventive Health Officer is Dr Bruce Bolam. He shapes forward directions and strategies for prevention and population health to enhance the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer

Ann Maree Keenan is our Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer and is Deputy CEO of Safer Care Victoria. She provides collaborative and strategic leadership to nursing and midwifery in Victoria.

Chief Allied Health Advisor

Kathleen Phillip is our Chief Allied Health Advisor. She provides leadership and strategic direction to the allied health workforce.

Further information

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