The Human services workforce scholarship and Ethel Temby research grant program awards financial aid to support department and sector employees to undertake study that leads to a qualification or to complete a research project.
Human Services workforce scholarship program

A human services workforce scholarship is an award of financial aid to support frontline department or sector employees to undertake study that leads to a qualification. The scholarship covers course fees only.

For more information about the scholarship program read the Human services workforce scholarships fact sheet (Word)


What makes a good application?

For tips on how to answer the two scholarship application questions read Tackling the Questions (Word)

When can I submit an application?

Applications open Monday, 25 June 2018 and close on Wednesday, 1 August 2018.

Once applications are open, you will be able to access the online application form.

Find training providers

To find training providers who could be delivering courses near you, visit the My skills website. This search tool can be used to find courses available publicly to individuals. You can search by topic and location. 

Ethel Temby research grant program

The Ethel Temby research grant is an award of financial aid to staff in the human services workforce to complete a research project, valued at $9000. The research will investigate new approaches that work towards the goals of the State Disability Plan, and may be undertaken locally, interstate or overseas.

Read more about the Ethel Temby research grant program (Word).


Applications have closed for the 2019 program.


For general enquiries about the Human services workforce scholarship and the Ethel Temby research grant program:

Email or Phone (03) 9096 2623 (Tuesday to Friday) or (03) 9096 8745 (Tuesday and Friday)